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Client Testimonials


As an Actress/Model and Producer, I have had the pleasure of working with Nikki Nickerson of Nikki Nickerson Photography on many occasions.  Nikki is truly a Professional and her Customer Service is impeccable!

She really takes the time out to make you feel at home and comfortable while shooting with her.  She really knows how to spoil you when you are with her and a girl can get used to that!  As a model you can feel insecure at times when shooting with new photographers; however Nikki knows how to calm any nerves that you may have and she knows exactly how to get the right shots. Nikki is my go to Photographer and I recommend her services to anyone seeking quality photos, great customer service, and an a variety of photography skills!
Valaira Sa-Ra Smith,
Actress/Model and Owner, VUE Entertainment

I have worked with a lot of photographers throughout my career and few have left me...well...BREATHLESS! NIKKI NICKERSON is one of those photographers who epitomizes the phrase, "Your gifts will make room for you!" She is not only talented and great at what she does, but it is evident in every click of the lens, that she is moved by a higher purpose!

Photography is what she does, but capturing the true essence behind each subject and making it a three-dimensional being is what she is the master of doing!

I had the pleasure and honor of being photographed by her and witnessing her ministry firsthand and I am still in awe by her MAGIC! She is truly AMAZING!

-J'Zhanel Cole


You are absolutely beautiful, inside and out and thoroughly talented and skilled at what you do...I NEVER like my pics and I LOVE all of these! Thank you SO much for capturing these. I am gonna be sure to come back to you and bring you more business as well!!"


"Thanks so much Nikki!! The photos are breathtaking :-)"


"WOW, I'm impressed with "the Other" Nikki...the one with the photography talent that I didn't know about.  I have so much respect for you professionally in the business world, and NOW, in the world of photography.  You are very, very talented and I wish you all the success in the world."


"The photos are Fantabulous.  I have my fave on my Facebook profile!!! So Haute!"


"I just saw Bre's pics and they're absolutely breath taking! Bre is such a knock out and the photography is just stunning! I'm so happy to have connected with you. In the short time I've worked with you, I have gotten the best pics I've ever had to use for my portfolio."